Shepherding Families

Morningstar is committed to helping our birthmothers with housing assistance as we are able to do so. Loving, stable Christian families open their homes to them and their child after their pregnancy. For women who make the courageous decision to choose life for their baby, housing assistance may be their greatest need. Morningstar is actively seeking more shepherding homes.

Perhaps you can provide a nurturing, loving, home environment for a young, unmarried woman who needs a place to live until she is able to provide for herself and her child. As a shepherding family you can reflect God’s love and forgiveness to a young woman while He reveals His unique plan for her life and the life of her unborn child. Morningstar will provide you with the supervision and support that you need to be an effective shepherding home.

If you are interested in learning more about being a shepherding home, please let us know – see the CONTACT US section of this website.

Transportation… is often needed to assist the Houseparents in transporting the residents during busy times at the house.

House Sitters… cover the house while the Houseparents must be out. House sitting offers an informal and fun way to interact with the young women.

Instructors… teach our residents valuable lessons for their futures. This includes healthy relationships, parenting education, life skills, arts and crafts, time and money management, nutrition, household management, job acquisition etc.

Labor Coaches… are paired with the young women for the duration of their pregnancies. They provide support and encouragement and attend birthing classes with the resident.

Visiting Nurses… provide valuable expertise occasionally both prior to and following the birth. If you are certified and would be available for consultation as needed, please let us know.

Mentor Mom… this program matches a qualified and caring mentor with each resident. Mentor Moms are encouraged to form loving, supportive relationships with the young woman during her time in our program. This experience is used to strengthen the principles taught at Morningstar and to give each young woman a glimpse of what her life as a mother will entail as she works through present life challenges with her mentor mom.

Office / Clerical Help… is occasionally needed for light duties, mailings, phone calls, etc.

Ambassadors… have a heart for Morningstar and actively involve others within their realm of influence (church, family, community) in the support of the ministry.

Prayer Partners… provide friendship, understanding, prayer, and spiritual support.